January 2019, Publication

New Years Talks

In 2018 AF Advisors celebrated its tenth anniversary. Our departure at Robeco, establishing AF Advisors and the beginning of the financial crisis are already ten years behind us. During these ten years, we have had the privilege to carry out assignments in the Netherlands but also in several other countries for about 80 small and large financial institutions in the investment industry. Varying from major assignments, such as setting up complex investment structures, implementing changes in response to new regulations and designing new organizational structures, to smaller assignments like manager selection or market analysis.

It is difficult to select specific highlights because honestly there are too many. What many of these projects have in common is that we have met a lot of nice, brilliant, original and passionate customers. In addition to the substantive challenges that these assignments offer us, we also really enjoyed the cooperation. The new insights have contributed to the  development of the consultancy company that we currently are. Every year we thank our customers by means of a small gift, but this year we want to pay extra attention to our gratitude for the trust that has been given to us for over the last ten years. Hiring a consultant or project manager as an expert to realize certain changes is a big step for many companies. We sincerely regard every assignment as an honour to be able to add value to our customer and make it more successful.

Traditionally we make a link to an old Dutch saying. This year we use a saying that translates into English as: “A silent mill does not grind flour”. A saying that is currently just as valuable as it was before the financial crisis. In order to achieve something, hard work has to be done, because change does not come by itself. A good plan alone is not good enough, it also requires a good execution that can be realized through hard work. That is our intention for 2019. In the coming year, we want to work hard again to make our customers more successful and by doing that also make the financial industry as a whole better.

If we can help you with the challenges that 2019 will bring, we would of course be delighted to hear that!

Kind regards,

Philip de Koeijer | Peter Dom | Jasper Haak | Saskia Leonard

Bas Nagtzaam | Martine Vissers | Laurens Rensch | Sef Laschek

Guido Corbeau | Perry van Caspel | Alexander Hofstad | Glenn Hoff | Martin Schaaphok | Hans van Putte | Anne Kuijken

Kevin Simons | Azzam Santosa | Jesse van Bemmelen | Menno Kasbergen

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