January 2018, Publication

Winners in asset management industry for 2017

AF Advisors’ partner Jasper Haak published an article on the winners in the asset management industry for 2017. AF Advisors have selected private equity managers Alpinvest and Waterland and fiduciary manager Cardano as the winners for 2017.

Alpinvest and Waterland are both Dutch private equity managers. Alpinvest is a specialist in fund of private equity funds and has raised substantial assets from institutional investors in the Netherlands as well as abroad in recent years. Waterland is a private equity specialist with a focus on sustainable investing and is on the way to becoming an internationally recognized entity.

Cardano, another successful Dutch company, has grown to become specialist not only in risk management but also in fiduciary solutions. Additionally, Cardano has made a significant progress in sharing knowledge and investor education. Next to insightful white papers, the document ‘Boom, Bust, Boom’ is a must-see for anyone working in the financial industry.

Read the full article (in Dutch) here.

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