december 2016, Publicaties

Publication on IEXProfs about the best mix funds

Mix fund investments have grown rapidly in the past decades, adding up to EUR 239 bln. at the end of September 2016. Moreover, the average mix fund is expanding its focus towards a wider range of (less common) asset classes.

In addition to common factors such as return, risk and costs, our ranking methodology considered management quality, information availability and consistency. Taking into account all these factors, the ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds came out on top of the list, with ABN AMRO finishing second and third. By allocating relatively more capital to stocks, the Hof Hoorneman Value Fund had the highest return. The BlackRock Mix Fund is the fund with lowest costs. Overall, Dutch managers are well represented in this top 10, as many Dutch funds offer an attractive risk-adjusted return in comparison to their foreign competitors.

The article is the fourth of the series of articles that will be published on IEXProfs. The next article will present the top 10 global stock funds.

Read full article on IEXprofs.nl

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