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december 2016, Publicaties

Publication on Fondsnieuws about the possible merger of Delta Lloyd AM and NN IP

AF Advisors’ partner Jasper Haak published an article (in Dutch) on Fondsnieuws about the possible merger of Delta Lloyd Asset Management and NN Investment Partners.

Jasper argues that both parties could benefit from economies of scale resulting from a merger, as there is significant overlap between both parties. However, synergies would be limited as both parties follow similar strategies. It would be even better if the acquired party would complement NN IP’s own services.

According to Jasper, Delta Lloyd AM has to specialize or integrate in a bigger asset manager in order to survive in the long term. In that sense, integration within NN IP could be beneficial. NN IP’s ambition is to be a large and diversified asset manager in order to realize better economies of scale. The take-over of Delta Lloyd AM would certainly contribute to this ambition.

Read full Article on www.fondsnieuws.nl

Tekst: Jasper Haak
Photo: ANP/Hollandse Hoogte

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