mei 2017, Publicaties

Private debt: a new, multi-faceted and interesting investment opportunity

AF Advisors’ director Martine Vissers published an article in Financial Investigator about the private debt market.

In the article, Martine discusses the recent developments of private debt funds and provides insight in these differences, as well as the developments and investment opportunities in private debt of small enterprises and medium sized companies.

"The current low-interest-rate environment is causing a search for yield for investors. New investment propositions are explored and private debt is gaining interest."

In the current situation, institutional investors devote most attention to financing large corporates, which is explained by the necessary high minimal volumes and quality demands. However, because of the interesting returns, the growing credible investment opportunities and the opportunity to invest in the engine of the economy we encourage institutional investors to consider private debt funds or fund-of-funds that provide loans to small enterprises and mid corporates.

Read the full article in Dutch here.
Read the full article in English here.

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