januari 2017, Publicaties

What are the Top 10 Global Bond Funds?

AF Advisors’ consultant Guido Corbeau published an article on IEXProfs about the best global bond funds.

Despite expected negative returns on US and European government bonds, the global bond market will continue to offer opportunities in 2017. We expect that bond funds with a diversified strategy and dynamic investment policy will continue to earn good results.

On top of our list is the NN First Class Bond Fund, which has earned the highest return over both a 3-year and 5-year period. It was able to benefit from a high weighting in European bonds. Moreover, bonds in emerging markets, high yield and mortgage bonds have contributed to this superior return. Complementing the top 3 are the PIMCO GIS Global Bond and JP Morgan Aggregate Bond Fund.

This article is the sixth of the series of articles that will be published on IEXProfs. Next article will present the top 10 global real estate funds.

Read the full article on IEXProfs.

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