januari 2017, Publicaties

Winners in asset management industry for 2016

AF Advisors’ partner Jasper Haak published an article on the winners in the asset management industry for 2016. In his opinion, Dutch Infrastructure Fund, Aegon Asset Management and Robeco have been innovative and are well positioned for success in the coming years.

Dutch Infrastructure Fund was able to profit from the relatively stable returns in the infrastructure. Moreover, the investment category has matured very quickly in the past years and is still growing in popularity.

Aegon Asset Management has made a big step forward, as it has set up its first investment funds available to private investors. For years, Aegon did not offer their award-winning funds to retail investors. This has finally changed.

Robeco’s well-performing management team lost a battle with its shareholder, but with less subsidiaries and a new management team, the Rotterdam-based asset manager will be well positioned for success. Moreover, Robeco is one of the few active asset managers that adapted early to the rise of passive investing by launching factor funds.

Read the full article on Fondsnieuws here.

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