Sustainability Statement

AF Advisors – a sustainable company
Success is the sum of small efforts, little things make big things happen, remove a mountain by carrying away small stones, big things have small beginnings…

AF Advisors recognizes that it has the opportunity to create a positive impact, but also has risks associated with the potential negative impact of its own operations and those of its clients.

As such, we give priority to our stewardship role and commit to creating awareness, promoting responsible behavior and stimulate sustainable investing in our own activities and in our service offering to our clients.

As a company, we commit to:
-care for our world: support NGO’s and other impact initiatives.
-care for our planet: minimize our corporate environmental footprint.
-care for our people: offer a healthy work environment.
-care for our clients: offer our services responsibly, with integrity and integrate sustainability where possible.

We will report on our efforts and activities with regard to these commitments on a yearly basis.